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July 12, 2010


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Skyrocketing tuition prices make paying for college difficult for all parents, but especially for single mothers. But just because you can't afford to pay every cent of your child's tuition up front, doesn't mean that they shouldn't go. There are many ways to get financial help for college so that your son or daughter can get a higher education without causing you to go broke. They will probably need to pitch in and help carry the burden, but that will make their college experience all the more rewarding.

grants for single mothers


Sadly I find myself agreeing with this. I'm a middle leaning single mother, who in the 10 years I've been a single parent only used public assistance on and off for 2 of those years while I was between work. I appreciated the ability to make sure my child was covered medically but busted my ass to put food on the table. To me it was unacceptable that I brought a child into this world and wasn't providing for them-although I had robbed them of a stable 2 parent home I could at least provide a stable home of some sort. I watched as committed husbands who were injured in high risk jobs (mostly construction work) and needed assistance helping their family until they could get on their feet were told flat out they would have to abandon their families in order for the government to help them. There is something so flawed and sad about this logic it is crazy.

The system is in need of serious reform for sure.

single parent benefits

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